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Propellerhead your account / sign up home products shop downloads support substance forum propellerhead software main page balance frequently asked questions i've got reason 6 and balance. Where can i find the drivers? Windows xp and vista users will find a separate balance driver installer on the reason essentials dvd. Windows 7 users can download the latest version of the balance drivers here if you're on mac os, you need no drivers. Balance is core audio compliant. Notes on installing balance on windows if you're running windows xp, it's important that you install the driver before connecting balance to the usb port on your computer. If you connect balance first, your computer might hang. Should this happen, disconnect balance, restart your computer, install the drivers and the connect balance once again. On xp, windows will warn you that the driver isn't whql-certified. Just disregard this and click "continue anyway". On windows 7, you will get a somewhat less frightening message asking you if you trust propellerhead software as a publisher. You of course do. Please wait until the driver installation is complete. There is a number of driver (asio, wdm, hid, firmware update, codemeter) that are installed the first time you connect balance, and things might not work as expected before all drivers are installed. On windows 7 and vista, a tray-icon with a green spinning dot will be shown (double-click to see the progress), indicating that drivers are being installed. This might take over a minute, depending on your computer. Windows will always search windows update, so the time this takes varies with your internet connection. This procedure will be repeated if you plug balance into another usb port. Can i use balance with itunes/mediaplayer etc? Yes, but: if you're using windows vista, all audio from windows that is passed on to balance may play back at the wrong speed if you've set different sample rates in the asio-client (reason, or any other audio application) and the windows audio settings. The workaround is to set windows to use the same sample rate reason does. This problem doesn't occur if no asio client is open. On windows xp, the same problem might arise if you start playing back windows audio (spotify, itunes etc) and then change the asio sample rate. The workaround for this would be to stop the windows audio playback, just to start it again. Now windows will use the correct sample rate. Windows 7 users should notice none of the above. cheap viagra online viagra for sale cheap viagra online pharmacy buy viagra from india cheap viagra buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online generic viagra buy online viagra germany Usb connection problems on windows some users have reported that balance doesn't work in their usb 3. 0 ports. Try switch to one.


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